Development Opportunities

At Rabobank we want our employees to be the best version of themselves and help empower them to be so. That’s why they choose their learning path and access learning possibilities that are flexible, just for them, just enough and just in time.

Growing a Better You

We provide a variety of learning tools to assist employees to develop their skills on both a professional and a personal level. Our offering includes a full learning and development curriculum, a 12 Skills Programme, language training, leadership and management skills programmes, mentoring and coaching, knowledge bites, support to achieve professional qualifications and much more.

Via the on-line catalogue Percipio, employees are also able to easily access thousands of learning items that they can watch, listen, read or practice whenever is convenient for them.

Employees are also encouraged to participate in branch-wide projects, led by participants of our Growing Better Leaders programme which enables colleagues to come together and work collectively on a whole range of projects to make us better.

Would you like to grow with us?