Rabobank uses cookies [and similar technologies] to make our website work properly and safely. While cookies can be used for many different purposes, we only make use of very limited cookies which relate to website functioning and anonymous analytics. In our Cookie Statement, we outline how and why we use cookies.

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that our website stores on the browser directory of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. They can neither access the data on your hard drive, nor cause any damage there. A cookie is primarily used to store information about your activity on our website during your visit. This information is used, for example, to provide Rabobank, as the operator of the website, with statistical information about the use of the website, or to ensure the security of the website, for example by recognising requests from bots which could potentially be malicious and infiltrate the website and its visitors with malware.

Can you deactivate, delete or opt out of cookies?

Our website only uses cookies that are absolutely necessary for the technical operation of the website. For this reason, we do not currently offer the option of deactivating individual cookies or services. However, you can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser but, by disabling cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our website. If you want to find out more about managing your cookies you can visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website which sets out practical information about your data protection and information rights:

What are session and persistent cookies?

Our websites may place session and persistent cookies on your device. Session cookies are usually only valid for as long as you use your browser or browsing session. When you end your browser session, the cookie expires. Persistent cookies remain stored even after you close your browser or browser session. This allows, for example, faster and often more convenient access to a website.

What are first and third party cookies?

First party cookies are created by the website that you visit and will only work on that website. They are necessary for the functioning of the website. Third party cookies are not created by the website that you visit, but are created by third parties, and they are usually used by the third parties for tracking purposes in order to generate targeted marketing on their own websites. This website only uses first party cookies.

Which cookies do we use?

We only use cookies that are necessary for the functioning of our website.



Storage limit


ak_bmsc, bm_sv, bm_szThese cookies are used to enable Akamai to load the website as quickly as possible and to detect bots.SessionRabobank
_abckThis cookie is used to detect and prevent repeated bot requests via Akamai.1 yearRabobank
BIGipServer…These cookies are used to distribute traffic evenly across Rabobank's various servers and to ensure that you only receive data from one server during a session.SessionRabobank
RABO_PSLWe use this cookie to store the choice of which cookie preference you want to apply. With the extended retention period, we prevent you from seeing the cookie banner too often.6 months, is renewed at every sessionRabobank
Rabo_RCThis cookie ensures that the retention period of your cookie preference is respected. On each new visit, the retention period is updated so that you do not see the cookie banner unnecessarily often on the website.SessionRabobank
RABOBANK_SESSIEWe use this cookie to correlate the different requests you make to the website, such as requesting the next page. Each new visit to the website receives a new, randomly generated number.SessionRabobank
RABOLANG HOTELSWe use this cookie to store your preferred language.5 yearsRabobank
RaboTS or TSThis cookie ensures the technical operation of certain parts of the website, such as the web forms.SessionRabobank
Utag and utag_mainThis cookie is used by our tag management system Tealium. Your web address is automatically made unrecognisable. No traceable personal data is stored. In a cookie checker you will also find TIQCDN. This is not a cookie. TIQCDN is the Tealium server that calls the tag manager.1 yearRabobank