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About Wholesale

Rabobank UK forms part of Rabobank’s Wholesale banking division serving large corporates, private equity firms and financial institutions. Our clients include UK sector leaders and multinationals. In the UK we are a leader in Food & Agribusiness (F&A) with a growing position within a select group of sectors supporting the energy transition. View our full range via the Products tab above.

Wholesale Banking

The Wholesale Banking division serves large and medium-sized companies across the globe. We support and deliver a wide range of financial solutions, global industry analysis, and expert advice for our clients' businesses, in addition to supporting clients both in managing market risks (commodities, interest rate, and currencies) and to optimizing the management of their balance sheets through structured debt issues for distribution in the capital market.

With over 120 years of experience in the sector and over 40 years in the UK, Rabobank is uniquely positioned, with proven industry expertise to anticipate our customers’ needs and support them by providing wide-ranging and tailored solutions.

Banking for Food

The UK’s food sector is the largest manufacturing sector in the country, employing 4 million people and generating around £121 billion annually.

Businesses in the sector are constantly responding to changes in the market, new government policies, technological developments and changing social views.

We serve large businesses operating in any link in the F&A chain, from planting, farming, trading, packaging, and logistics to export or retail.

We estimate that through our existing client relationships, we touch 85% of all food sold in the UK.

We serve clients from across the food value chain and across a range of sub sectors including; animal protein, grains, and oilseeds, agricultural inputs, beverages, consumer food (service and retail), dairy products, supply chains and fresh fruit & vegetables.

Banking for Energy

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our planet and the way we live. To tackle this shared challenge we need to change how we produce and consume energy.

Together with our clients, members and partners, our ambition is to support the acceleration of this necessary transition. With our industry knowledge and financial tools, we support cooperative climate and energy solutions that are good for people, businesses and the planet.