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International Business Services

Through our International Desks we connect with and leverage all platforms Rabobank has available around the world for foreign subsidiaries of Dutch Corporate clients.

Make optimal use of your opportunities abroad

No matter where in the world you want to do business, we offer you international support. Rabobank has a worldwide network of offices including 9 International Desks spread across 6 continents. If you do business outside the Netherlands, we still offer you a single point of contact at your local Rabobank.

Benefits of the Rabobank International Desks

    for our corporate customers, in all sectors and all sizes of business professionals who speak both English and the local language knowledge of local legislation and regulations and local practices access to our local network and contact with reliable local partners

Whether you want to import, export, set up a business in a different country or simply want to manage your international money flows, we will be pleased to help and support you through all the different phases of your business. With our support, you can save time and money.