Life at Rabobank UK

We strive to empower our people to focus on their wellbeing, by providing a range of resources that will enable them to flourish both in and outside of the workplace.

Our Healthy Hybrid Working Environment


We have a vibrant community.

Our ambition is to maintain sustainable, meaningful and collaborative working environments so that our people understand how they contribute to our vision and overall mission. It is our commitment to support our people to create safe spaces where boundaries between work and home are managed, with realistic workloads, clarity within roles and that everyone feels recognised and appreciated for the contribution they make. This means our people can be healthy at work and bring the best version of themselves to the UK Branch community. We have a vibrant community in the UK, events are organised by a variety of networks including our Sports and Social committee, RaboTogether, our employee led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee and the Rabo Choir.


Our business is a people business - it would not be what it is without the people in it. It is our continuing commitment and priority to make sure our people can bring their best self, to deliver our purpose and have energy left at the end of the day for themselves.

Creating an environment which offers choices such as how and where people work under our Rabo@Anywhere principles framework, encourages empowerment which in turn positively impacts personal productivity and performance, which drives profitability and success for our clients.

We work flexibly at Rabobank, combining the benefits of working at the London office and working from home, allowing the best of both worlds to come together. Our expectation is that all UK employees work 40-60% of their working week in the London office. Our principles include:

Digital first

More flexibility & autonomy in how, when and where you work

Een illustratie van twee tekstballonnetjes in het oranje-wit-blauw van Rabobank.

Plan team time together

Agree with Manager & Team a hybrid pattern of working

Plan time to meet others

To support connection, collaboration and communication


Our RaboRituals (#1 Shorter Meetings, #2 Daily Mile, #3 Time to Focus, #4 Switch Off) also complement our hybrid working principles, assisting our employees to stay energetic during and after their working day. The Rituals are recognized and supported by our Managing Board as wellbeing practices to support our ways of working.

Our mission to Grow a Better World Together encompasses so much more than our clients. In order to service our clients, we do not forget that the workforce behind doing so needs to be able to thrive, have the energy to perform but more importantly, enjoy what they do, where they do it and feel part of the bigger picture in an environment which allows this to happen.