Energy Transition

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our planet and the way we live. To tackle this problem, we need to change how we produce and consume energy. Key objectives include shifting to energy-efficient homes and businesses and increasing the sustainability of built-up areas. Together with its clients, members and partners, the Rabobank cooperative is speeding up this necessary transition. It’s investing in clean energy projects, helping companies switch to renewables, stimulating circular business models all the way to advising customers on how their businesses can cut energy consumption. With our industry expertise and financial tools, we support collaborative climate and energy solutions that are good for people, businesses, and the planet.

Banking for Energy

As part of our mission, we want to actively support and accelerate the energy transition, and therefore shape a better world with our clients. As a result, we advise and finance companies that (can) make a significant contribution to the energy transition. Examples include companies engaged in research and development and the manufacture of clean technologies, or producers, traders, and distributors of renewable or clean energy.

Under the Banking for Energy umbrella, we also support companies from the recycling sector as well as from the logistics and transport sector that want their vehicle fleets to be powered by electricity.